Inlite Corporation - 3000 Series
Tracks & Accessories

Specialized Lites
Unique purpose or added punch, Low or Line Voltage, HID or Compact Fluorescent.
PAR-38 Type Series
Classic, hardworking, and functional by design, provides multiple wattage capabilities.
Mitey Lites
MR16 to AR111, offers full lighting zest with Low Voltage efficiency.
Specialized Series Gimbal Ring Series PAR-38 Series Small PAR Lamp Series Mitey Lites
Gimbal Ring Series
Exquisite styling well suited for variety of interior architectural styles.
Small PAR Lamp Series
Get small, remain functional, will disappear within your ceiling environment.

The 3000 series product line is our three wire, two circuit proprietary track system, that can be field wired for one or two circuits. The series features an array of fixtures in line voltage, handling luminaires from Designer 16 all the way to Par46. Low voltage fixtures in all shapes to handle MR 16, Par36, Par46, and AR111 type lamps. HID and Compact Fluorescent round out the systems fixture selection. The 3000 Series has a three year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

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