For over 20 years Inlite Corporation has been providing top quality directional lighting solutions to business. We have built our reputation around reliable craftsmanship and responsive service. We strive to give our clients an exceptional product in a variety of price ranges, and we deliver it when we say we will.

Inlite supplies lighting for a wide variety of commercial applications . Large or small projects can benefit from our expertise, whether it be an art gallery, school, church, airport, retail establishment or a general office complex. The right solution will give the desired atmosphere for your interiors.

We continually work hard to provide the best possible lighting solutions for our clients. We are the most flexible track manufacturer anywhere. We can manufacture custom color, custom lengths, and custom layout design to meet your specific project requirements. And we can do all of that while still meeting tight delivery schedules. That's why Inlite products are specified by many designers, architects and engineers in the U.S. and around the world.

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